Besides my work as a freelance cartographer I also have a Patreon page, that I run with my friend and colleague, Greg Shipp, from Lost in Maps.

After a number of years as freelance cartographers we decided to start our Patreon page to be able to share our maps with a wider audience. Our page allows us to connect with our patrons and ask them what they want. Our aim is to start off by creating 2 map sets every month; 1 every 14 days. We decide what maps we’ll make by using a monthly poll, with 4 options for maps or dungeon sets. The map or set with the most votes is made, along with another map, or a set of our own choosing.

And you can get all this for as little as $1!

Among the maps we put out are:

  • Modular Dungeons – 12 small dungeon pieces at a scale of 1″:5′ you can fit together to make your own dungeon layout! Each month will have a different theme as voted by you!
  • Larger Battlemaps – A single larger battlemap for you to explore. Also, at 1″ for every 5′, this map can be anywhere up to 18”x22” big! Whether you want an old haunted hamlet lost in the forest; a treasure filled cave hidden below a waterfall; a lost crypt filled with scattered bones and cursed treasures; or a goblin’s lair in the centre of a volcano, these battlemaps got you covered!
  • Town and City Maps! – Want a detailed city map for your players to explore? Every so often, we’ll produce a detailed city map complete with hidden gems, dark alleyways and ready for players to dive in and explore!
  • Regional Maps! – Is your party traveling over vast areas? We’ll make regional maps of mighty Kingdoms, warring factions, or entire continents, complete with cities, landmarks and places of interest, like magical sites, caves, and more!

We’re very flexible. If something isn’t popular, or you want something else thrown in instead, we’re always open to ideas and more than happy to try out new things!

Are you interested? Take a look over at our Patreon Page become a patron:

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